Iosko Balabozov
Assoc. Prof., Ph.D., M.Sc.E.E.

I am a lecturer at the Department of Electrical Apparatus, Technical University of Sofia. In addition to teaching, I am also actively involved in research work at the university, as part of a team of several research projects. My scientific research are in the field of electromagnetism, the study of existing and modeling of new constructions of electromagnetic systems and polarized mechanisms, using modern methods of computer modeling.
I have many years of experience in investment design projects and design of electrical installations for all types of buildings and outdoor spaces.

Technical University of Sofia,
Faculty of Electrical Engineering,
Department “Electrical Apparatus”
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1. Dissertation work on "Modeling and optimization of permanent magnet electromagnets for Braille screen"
    > Degree: PhD
    > Organization: TU - Sofia, faculty FEE
    > Period: from 03.2011 to 03.2014

2. "Electrical Apparatus" - Master Degree
    > Degree: Master - Electrical Engineer
    > Organization: TU - Sofia, faculty FEE
    > Period: from 10.2008 to 03.2010

3. "Electrical Apparatus" - Bachelor Degree
    > Degree: Bachelor - Electrical Engineer
    > Organization: TU - Sofia, faculty FEE
    > Period: from 09.2004 to 09.2008

4. Education of
    "Electronic and computing equipment"
    > Degree: Secondary education
    > Organization: PGE "A. St. Popov" - Devin
    > Period: from 09.2000 to 06.2004

Training abroad:
  • Germany, Technical University - Ilmenau, Program DAAD, 2013, 3 months of training
  • Germany, Technical University - Ilmenau, Program DAAD, 2009, 3 months of training

Courses and certificates:

  • English language level "International Express Pre-Intermediate", "Educational Center Britannica" Ltd., 19.01.2011.
  • English language level "Upper Intermediate" under the "I Can More" Program of the Employment Agency, 22.07.2012
  • "First Steps with Arduino", Software University Ltd., 08.2015.
  • "Arduino Internet of Things", Software University Ltd., 05.2016.
  • "Linux System Administration", Software University Ltd., 11.2017.